I basically won the whole race

ImageToday was the 35th Freihofer’s Run for Women which was a 5K. I’ve been sort of, kind of, but not actually, following the Couch to 5K program since April? I guess? to get ready for this because I wanted to not die. Basically. However, leading up to today I had very low expectations for myself mainly because it randomly decided that it was going to be 10000000 degrees and also I vastly underestimated the several large hills that were part of the course and I think hills are stupid. So when I got there my goal was quite literally to not end up in an ambulance or like dead on the side of the road somewhere. Oh and to not be last. So not really lofty goals, but still I was concerned.

The race starts literally just straight up this long hill and I was like, yeah no. I’m gonna walk this part out. Plus, there were over 5,000 runners and GAH was it crowded and impossible to move around! Especially because so many people were running together so like I was weaving in and out of groups which was fun. So finally the hill is over and we go into the park and people start to separate a little more. At this point I had started to do my version of running which many people might consider a slow jog, but whatever. I was moving. It was also at this time that I really realized how fricking hot it was. After a little while I saw the 1K mark and I thought, well, definitely not going to live through this! I was so thirsty! And the water station wasn’t for like a hundred more years. Rough times. So I got to the water station finally and originally it appeared that they were out of water! I was slightly upset, because this meant I was definitely going to die. Fortunately there was like a secret table that had like little cups but you had to wait a few seconds in line to get the water so I’m going to blame my slower time on that hold up. After the water there were more hills and other nonsense but there were a lot of people cheering us on which was pretty cool and all the other people racing around me were being like super positive for some reason. It was a cool atmosphere! The very best part was the end because it was all downhill. What a beautiful thing that was. So I finished and I wasn’t last and I didn’t die so I was moderately impressed with myself.

After wandering around on the plaza for a bit and getting like 3 waters and some tasty snacks they were announcing the winners. I was actually walking back to my car when I saw a familiar face, and I was like…ummmm I think that girl went to Richmond! But then she disappeared. I ended up staying for the awards just because walking to my car sounded hard, and they were announcing the top ten. Most of them were not from America. BUT the fourth place finisher as they were announcing her the guy was like “Oh boy we don’t usually have Americans finishing this high!” and she came on stage and it was that girl! And they announced her name and I DID GO TO COLLEGE WITH HER. In fact we were the same year, and in like a ton of psych classes together. So at this point I’ve decided that I’m famous because of association. And the whole thing was just like weird because what a small world especially since she is not from around here and we definitely did not go to school near here. Anyway, so like any normal person I basically feel like I came in the top 10 and I’m starting to feel a lot better about how I did in the race! Like what the actual fuck? My sense of reality is a little twisted I think….Basically, right now I am convinced that I’m a famous athlete mostly because someone I had class with is an actual athlete and I’m a fake one reaping the benefits of her hard work. Totally normal.

So this post was stupid and boring so I’m going to try and write a real one later. The only real point of this was to pat myself on the back for not dying and to acknowledge the true fact that I practically won the whole race.

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