Fitness Funk…..

I’ve always said this blog has no theme, which is very clearly true if you look at anything I’ve ever written on here. However, a theme in my life for the past several years (with particular emphasis on the last year and a half) has been getting healthy. And I need some advice so this is what is happening today.

I was always an active child, I played sports, did outdoorsy things whatever. In college I did my best to keep it up and went to the gym as often as I could and participated in intramurals. So that was ok for a while, but I found that without some form of outside structure (like being a part of a team) I constantly was having to FORCE myself to get off my couch. Being active wasn’t fun anymore. And so my senior year of college I just stopped going to the gym because I told myself it was too hard. That combined with my complete inability to cook lead to a lot of take-out and a lot of lazy. I thought that was ok, but I wasn’t happy. I can’t look at my graduation pictures without cringing because I just was so unhealthy and unhappy.

Image  Image

(please ignore the poor image qaulity and the fact that the black dress is way way too short!!! boo)

So I’ve been trying to change that! FINALLY last October I joined a gym, got a personal trainer, and decided to get serious about being healthy. As much as I would love to eat ice cream all day everyday, that probably isn’t the smartest decision. Since then it’s been really hard, I will not sugarcoat that at all. When I first get back to the gym I’m all motivated and excited and it feels great, but I have now reached the 6 month mark and I’m #overit again. I’ve tried taking new classes, joining a rec soccer team, going on walks in interesting places, but I’ve lost my motivation again. Even on the most beautiful day sometimes I’ll just sit inside instead of going for a quick walk, even though I know for a fact that I always feel better after exercise and eating well. I know that losing motivation to get healthy is fairly common, and I’m wondering if anyone has any out of the box suggestions to get me going again???!?!!? What can I do to make the “healthy lifestyle” more exciting so that I start doing all those good things again? Thoughts? Criticisms? Motivational Speeches? A VISIT FROM BOB HARPER AND JILLIAN MICHAELS AND DOLVETT QUINCE PERHAPS? (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease) haha


Hope y’all are enjoying some beautiful weather!

5 thoughts on “Fitness Funk…..

  1. I’ve found that downloading pics of healthy-looking and fit models always helps me to stay motivated. It might sound crazy but I’ve also a pic of a girl with great abs as my mobile background pic, so that whenever i want to overeat or don’t feel like exercising i’d just look in my mobile.
    Try to do things that you love. i hate almost all sports, but lately i tried to run and i just love it. Last but not least try to convince your mind that you need to do this to be healthier and happier, and always remember how happy you’ll be at the end of the day when you know you ate healthy or exercised.
    I hope that this will help and remember that we all go through those motivation less days 🙂

  2. You look FAB in that black dress!! Keep up the good work gurl

    • aw thank you! That’s the dress I wanted SO BADLY to wear for a CERTAIN WEDDING but a little toooooo much upper leg action haha…. I’m gonna keep tryin gahhh!!

  3. Yep, I feel ya on all of this! I got into super kick ass shape a couple years ago but it’s been a steady slide back into gluttony and laziness ever since then. I’ve had a few false starts but I think it just takes something *clicking* you know? I also tend to be fairly obsessive, so once I decide to do something– I’m in it to win it.

    I commend your bravery in getting a personal trainer though! I think about it…….. but that’s as far as I’ve gotten, ha.

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