Dental Floss must have Magical Powers.

In general, I like to pride myself on keeping an assortment of toiletries, extra shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, etc. so that when I inevitably run out, I’ve got a back up on hand. There are of course, times I am unprepared. So one morning, after using the very last of my travel size toothpaste, I was making a list of things I would buy while I was out.  I noticed I was out of dental floss, but I didn’t put it on my list. I didn’t even look for it in the store.

I don’t think I have ever bought dental floss ever in my whole life. Not that this has been a conscious choice, but I swear somehow, every single time I think I’m out of dental floss a brand new one appears out of thin air. How does it do this?! I’ve never questioned it because, hey one less thing I have to buy right? And that evening, when magically the dental floss fairy provided a new one in my bathroom drawer that I had only checked maybe 1000 times earlier that day, I had the realization that there must be some sort of magic involved here.

I could not stop thinking about this the rest of the night. And most of the next day. And I’m still thinking about it a week later. Where is all this dental floss coming from? Has anyone ever actually bought dental floss in a store, or am I the only one experiencing this very odd phenomenon? How are they making money off of this? Is this why there aren’t any dental floss ads, because it doesn’t need to be advertised since it magically appears in our homes?! I remain baffled. And I am genuinely curious about how this happens.

So am I crazy? (well obviously but ya know). Have people bought this product in a store? Have you ever received dental floss anywhere other than your annual dental check up “goody bag”??? SO MANY QUESTIONS with seemingly no answers. One day, we may find an answer to the real problems we are facing.

p.s. iheartfall