This page is supposed to tell you about me but is mostly about otters

I’m just a normal 20 something living in upstate NY!

Well, not really.

I spend a lot of time going on adventures, reading, researching fun things, and trying to be a photographer. I am usually unsuccessful at most of those things.

The only important thing you need to know about me is that I have a very unhealthy obsession with otters. While “some” (aka actual statistics) may say they are the worlds 5th cutest animal I would disagree and put them first. Actually just make otters every one of the top 10. Many years ago my brother promised me that when he was rich he would buy me an otter and build me a nice place for the otter to live. Although that claim has been fervently denied, I will indeed get that otter from him someday.

And for anyone that is annoyed because this was literally filled with no information… I’m Kelly, I’m 24 currently working and trying to figure out my life! Definitely in quarter life crisis mode, totally fine.

3 thoughts on “This page is supposed to tell you about me but is mostly about otters

  1. Otters definitely go in the top 3 of world’s cutest animals! Have you seen how they hold hands in the water!!! Also you’re not alone in the whole ‘trying out to figure out my life thing’!

  2. Otters are so cute! I totally get your otter-thing, I am the same way with squirrels 🙂

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