2013 #OCDweek Creative Expression Contest Finalists

Guys, I entered this contest with absolutely no expectations and now I’m a finalist!!!! It means to much to me to even be a finalist!!!! But if you have the time, if you could please vote for my essay, “A Search for A Self and Myself” by ME, Kelly it would mean so much for me. It was something I had a really hard time even submitting to a bunch of strangers so being a finalist is honestly too good to be true.


Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s OCD Awareness Week Creative Expression Contest!  We received so many wonderful entries, and it was hard work selecting a handful of finalists from all of the quality submissions!

Now it is up to you, dear readers, to select your favorites from the finalists!  You can vote for one entry in each of the two categories: 1) Writing and 2) Media/Art.

And the #OCDweek Creative Expression Contest Finalists for 2013 are…

Writing Category Finalists:

“From Worrier to Warrior [Poem]” by Heather McGraw
Description: This is a letter to OCD, documenting where it’s taken me in the past, how far I’ve come, and where I’M going to take us in the future.

“The Key to OCD [Poem]” by Gannon Myers
Description: Original poem written by Gannon, a 10 year old boy who is living with OCD.

“Inmate [Poem]” by Nidhi Shetty
Description: A…

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I’m going to apologize before I begin….

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I feel like every blog has a theme. And I stayed up literally almost the whole night last night trying to think, what was MY theme? Ultimately the answer was simple, there is none.

Most people write a blog and it is like relevant to their way of life like healthy eating or exercise or photography which is great! If however, I were to write about my way of life this blog might be called “Nights I Spend Watching Netflix Alone For 7 Hours” or “My Idea of Fun is the Library” or something that would just be far too upsetting for a general audience. So to spare the world of trying to read about my love of young adult fiction and binge watching TV series, I have concluded that as of this moment, I have no theme. Totally up for debate though on that one.

Now when I said I would spare you of the unbelievably uninteresting details of some of my daily activities, what I really meant was that you will definitely read about them. But, as a reward I will also insert some of my more interesting topics and most importantly I can share some of the absolutely insane things that seem to happen to me. I may be one hell of an awkward person, but man it gives me some good stories.

So again, this is not a real post which really is starting me off on a great foot here, but I thought I needed to set the record straight before I just wrote about my homeless event planning or petition to “travel for business purposes” or why I should not ever be allowed to talk to other people ever. Things of that nature might be a little off putting to an unknowing reader!

In conclusion (because I was always taught in elementary school to start my last paragraph with “in conclusion”), I suppose this is a warning. Not like a scary warning, maybe more like an apology? What I write will most often seem senseless or bordering on psychotic but at least I’ll do it with a clear conscience knowing I made it clear that this blog is pointless. So now that we are all on the same page, lets begin.