Just Another Week…

So today is start of another week. This week though, IS a bit different. I mean it is Columbus day first of all sooo yayyy Three Day Weekend! But today, is also the start of OCD Awareness Week.

So for anyone who didn’t know, or like always kind of thought it but I never talk about it so everyone is confused… I do suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have my entire life, starting at around 6 but it became a serious problem when I was 8.

Until two years ago, I just lived with it. It was horrible. I was constantly afraid, I missed so many opportunities because “I wasn’t allowed to”, and I felt crazy. Because no one had ever talked to me about OCD, or anxiety, or depression. All I knew, was what I had researched online. But I felt that it wasn’t an acceptable thing to talk about. So I didn’t.

In the past two years, I have met so many amazing people. People who struggle from OCD, people who help treat OCD, and people who are really trying to make aware of how awful it is to REALLY have OCD.

I’m at a place now, where I can say to practically anyone, “Yeah I have OCD.” Chances are, they will have no idea what I mean or think of me as some stereotype. But still, I have realized that it is ok to say that. I shouldn’t have to be ashamed that my brain just doesn’t work the same as everyone else’s. I’m still not really comfortable talking about it with most people, because I know it just won’t make any sense to them. But we are taking baby steps here :-).

Even though this is, “just another week” for most people, it’s really important to me. So have a great week everyone! And if you have an extra 5 minutes, maybe check out www.iocdf.org. or check out this AWESOME project that I’m dying to see the finished product http://livingwithmeandmyocd.wordpress.com/.  Or just take 1 minute and remind yourself, that OCD is not joke that people make it out to be.


Ahhh ERP… everyone’s favorite

And NOW as I just found out (see reblogged post ABOVE) I’m a finalist in the IOCDF contest they had for this week so MAYBE you should vote for “A Search for A Self and Myself” because someone kinda cool wrote it and I mean… it’s alright… 😛

Never Give Up

Honestly, this is one of the most moving films I’ve seen in a while and I don’t know how I can get more people to watch it so I wanted to share it here. I met the guy who made this and his friend CJ who is also in the video and they are some of the nicest and most caring people I’ve ever met. More people NEED to see this video. I don’t care if you don’t have OCD or even if you don’t know anyone with OCD, people need to know this story. People need to know it is not a joke, and how much pain it causes. The first time I saw this, I felt like some of John Kelly’s words were taken right from my own journal. I wish that more people could be as understanding and supportive as John’s community because OCD is so lonely. I respect John and CJ and their entire community so much and I applaud them for doing such an amazing thing to help bring awareness to something that very few people understand.