A Weekend in Pictures

I’m too lazy to actually write about what went on this weekend mainly because it is so dark and gloomy and while we survived the “very real scary tornado warning” and I’m not ACTUALLY sure if its raining at the moment, it is just feeling like a curl up in my bed, watch an absolutely ridiculous amount of Netflix, and drink tea. So this is my weekend, in pictures, with some comment for clarification.



So you have to use a little imagination here… PRETEND, this is a beautifully painted picture of Fall Scenery that was painted by NONE OTHER than ME

So what I ACTUALLY did on Friday was I went with my Mother to Saratoga Paint and Sip, but the NEW one in Latham!!! Which I quite liked, the bathroom was painted in chalk paint and they had a little bowl of chalk and I just thought that was really cute. I may be the only person that goes to Paint and Sip who ABSOLUTELY SUCKS at art but I still think its so fun. So do my paintings come out very well? NO. Am I the failure of the class and the one the instructors are always like, “Well… you did your best! And it was fun, right?” Yes. But seriously it is really fun anyone around the 518 should definitely check it out!

Fun to do, even if you are as good as art as I am!!! 



Wolfs Biergarten Oktoberfest Block PARTYYYY!!

Pretty self explanatory. Oktoberfest. Gigantic things of Beer. Beautiful day outside. Rollerskating women carrying gigantic sticks with pretzels. A possible? cross-dresser making dirty balloon hats from the air pump cleverly positioned (and I apologize for such vulgarity on this website… 🙂 ) at her nipple.  Oh and the best part, Weiner Dog Racing.



Ahhhh Proctors…Such a magical place….

Well. On Sunday. I had this special backstage tour of Proctors Theater, which is a gorgeous place to begin with but OH MY GOD. The whole tour I was just slightly hyperventilating. Like just standing on the stage and possibly pretending I was the star of a huge show, was incredible. My favorite was going into the dressing rooms. Because a while ago someone was like.. “Ummm guys, these dressing rooms tables are super boring” and SO now someone decorates/paints/just makes the table really cool for each show that comes to Proctors and after the whole cast/crew signs the table. Like SO COOL. And some of them were so well done.


No one mourns the wicked….

 So yeah, it was awesome. Also if you live around here and you DON’T take advantage of Proctors slash ALL of the amazing theater and art and everything around here you are missing out… soooo go there. They have cool stuff guys. Seriously!

Best Place EVER!

And THAT was my weekend in a nutshell! Well the exciting bits. I don’t think you really needed to see the like nine million other parts of my weekend where I was completely catching up on HIMYM or yelling at the online class I need to take for the volunteer thing or drunkenly telling strangers that I know who they are through social media (why? Why, Kelly? Why?)

Hope you all made it through Monday! Tell me when it’s Friday please.