This is Absolutely Not a Real Post

This is mostly a reminder to MYSELF that I may have kinda sorta been slacking a little bit on the blog type situation. Bad girl. And like its not like I don’t have an idea of what I’m going to write! I know precisely what I want to write about and as time goes on its becoming less and less relevant so I should probably get on that.

Anyway, also if people cared I am still alive. I did not die in my absence, so, so far so good on that too.

Not everyone will appreciate this, again, this is mostly for myself, but I just wanted to treat those of you who will understand the significance of this, a picture of me. Look VERY CLOSELY.¬†ImageGuys. I have COMMITTED to EYEBROWS. I am no longer going remain a member of #teamnoeyebrows. This is going to be a big step for me! Possibly. The problem really became apparent when an adorable small child came up to me and out of nowhere just plainly asked “Why do you not have eyebrows?” And I was like…. small child…… that is a tale you do not want to hear. Aka I was like “Haha I don’t know, they must have fallen off!” So in that moment I became very self conscious of my eyebrows! (or lack thereof) So I decided to give ’em a go and I think I’m committed. haha

So now that most of you still have no idea why on earth I would be rambling on about eyebrows for 7 hours I will end this fake post. I guess I shall end by saying that I went to my fake job today sooooo I guess its been a good day for my fake life! WOOT.

Peace y’all.

I’m (sort of) Unique!

I have nothing to say really. But I haven’t written in like 10000 years so i thought I’d give it a go before this turns into one of those situations where its just awkward if I do end up writing something because its been so long… ya feel me? Whatever. As I realized last night while I was writing something else, it has become very apparent that I have forgotten how to write or even think logically in the last week. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

ANYWAY, SOOOO much has happened in the time since I last wrote anything which is why I think writing at all was a little intimidating to me! There were just so many choices of topics or themes or fun facts to bring up! I got overwhelmed. But then of course I realized that all of those things were really only relevant for like a hot minute and that no one would actually find them interesting when I wrote them. So then I got sad. Rough times man. So I don’t know what to do! As Michael Scott once said “Sometimes I start a sentence, and I have no idea where it’s going I just hope I find it along the way” (something to that effect, to lazy to find the actual quote). That is exactly what is happening right now. I’m hoping that magically, somehow, brilliance will strike and this will end up not being incredibly awkward like the current direction things are taking. Well its not looking good folks. Sorry.

Ok so I guess then what I’ll say is…. um… wait for it…. yeah. ok. ok. ok. whatever.

ImageOk so over the weekend I went to good old RVA for my friends wedding which was really just wonderful and the whole time I was there I was so happy which was surprising because I had literally been¬†terrified about going down (which is a whole other story… save that for a rainy day). I was also on a mission while I was down there. See, in a moment of insanity I had bid on several auction items for things in Richmond because it was for a good cause and I really didn’t think I would actually win. Well low and behold, I won myself a gift certificate to a wine store (totally useful) and not one, but FIVE passes to the Richmond Museum of Science that have to be used by December 31. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good science museum and I’ve been to the one in Richmond before and I liked it but 5 seems a little extreme considering I don’t actually live there. So the goal was to use at least one of those passes and my gift certificate while I was there. I’m happy to report that mission accomplished.

The picture above is from the science museum. There was this little computer screen that asked you a bunch of physical questions, like if you had a widow’s peak or if you could roll your tongue and then it ultimately told you how different you were from everyone else who had done that little quiz thing. I was just doing it because I like pressing buttons, but the whole concept was actually kind of cool. Like, I thought about it and just on physical traits alone, I matched 12 out of 100,000 people! Which is both more than I expected and also less then I expected. Does that make sense? No, of course not. When do I ever make sense. sheesh. Anyway, so out of 100,000 people, 12 of us kind of look vaguely similar. Vaguely. But then, take into consideration personality and all that jazz! And then I was shocking myself with the insanity of it all that in reality everyone is so different from one another. No matter how similar you are, there are still 100s of things that make you different from someone else. I don’t know why this is something that is just occurring to me now, but mind. blown. More importantly, what I realized from their silly little experiment was that just as I thought, I am definitely weird and unique. And I am perfectly happy with that. I don’t think I would like someone just like me… it would be too weird. So moral of this absolutely pointlessly long and drawn out story, is that I love being different. Not all the time, but right now it’s ok. I’m going to keep on keeping on with all the weird, cause who else would do it if I didn’t?